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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Set in My Ways - Stupid!

A reader was kind enough to suggest using Firefox as a solution to my Blogger & IE 11 issues (Thanks Barbara).  Thinking about her suggestion made me realize that I had become one track minded and not really seeing possible solutions.  While Blogger had been giving me warning about unexpected problems, they had also been giving me the answer by providing a list of compatible browsers. DUH!!!

I checked the list and for Windows 7, they had Google Chrome listed.  

Google Chrome is already loaded on my laptop. 

SMACK myself in the forehead!!  It was right in front of me all along. Talk about not seeing the obvious.  A few mouse clicks, some typing, a few more clicks and the test post is done! 

Stay tuned for a real post with pictures on my Caribbean Solstice quilt progress that I have been dying to share. 
For now, I need to make my DH some dessert for putting up with the temper flares of late. Hope this shake up gets me out of being set in my ways, in more ways than one.

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