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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Great Fabric Migration

WARNING – Blogger is not playing nice with Internet Explorer 11. I’ve been getting warnings since an auto upgrade back in December but it has escalated in the past few days & won’t upload pictures as I write my posts. So I am creating them in Word and doing the copy past thing.  Its working but it’s persnickety as all get out so if something appears really weird, that’s why.
The Great Fabric Migration is officially underway!!
The changes to the sewing area - or should I just start calling it the Studio already & be done with it - have been taking place over the last two weeks. They will continue as my entire quilt fabric stash migrates from the garage, out of the large heavy plastic toes and into new storage bins in the studio.
I was at Wal-Mart the other day picking up a few things and of course storage containers are a huge display this time of year.  This drawer unit would be perfect for under the cutting table except for the price - $19.88 each.
No, not horribly expensive but not what I wanted to pay. I happened to wander back into the lawn/garden area and way back in the back on the top shelf I found the same identical item - in black & violet for $16.97 each!  With a savings of almost $3.00 a unit, I started thinking about the color and decided they would just blend into the shadows under the table. PERFECT!!! 
Two of them fit next to each other, on each of the long side of the table and they have wheels! 

I now have 4 new three drawer units to house my fabric stash in the house, utilizing what would have been unused space. YAY!!!!   The fabric stash of mostly fat quarters fits neatly inside, sorted by type & color, with a little room to spare!!

 The benefits of the Great Fabric Migration are multifold:
 1. Fabric will be easily accessible - no hunting thru huge heavy totes on high shelves in the garage trying to find the right piece.
2. The Fabric is highly visible, facilitating the 'Shop the Stash' movement underway.
3. The Fabric is sorted by type/color, so I have all hand dyes together, all batiks together, etc. so any holes in the stash are identified.  Not filled in, but identified, so I know while designing what I need to keep in mind and design away from the 'holes'.
4. Any scraps hanging out in between the fat quarters are going into a scrap bin - never had one before so this will be interesting.
5. The shelves in the garage become available for storage of things that are cluttering up the garage - after those things are ruthlessly pared down, that is.
6. The one or two cracked totes go to recycling!

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