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Monday, January 20, 2014

Put the Pencil Down, Step Away From the Paper and Go Sew Something Already!

The design work on the Daring Downton Debacle (DDD) challenge quilt continues.  I find that the design/coloring sometimes works better if you leave it rest overnight and go back to it the next day.  That's usually when I decide I don't like what you thought you did like.  Once I get the block layout the way I want it, I copy the line design a few times so I can play with coloring. 

If you look at the coloring samples, you can see the thought process as it moves along. I was going to do the second one down but I reversed the placement of the orange and green pieces and now I'm doing the bottom coloring.

I definitely doing the lap size quilt, which means 9 inch blocks. Good thing as it is 29 pieces per block. Some of the pieces have unique curved shape and sizes - like the strip that is just under and an inch and an eighth, before seam allowances.  The solution I came up with is...cardboard templates!  Since the original block credit dates to 1898, this method seems very appropriate.

Once I had the coloring layout planned, I made a cut list and started on the half square triangle units. It's about dang time some fabric was involved in this project!

All of the green  pointy hat bits have been cut out, too.The DDD is officially underway!

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  1. Nice! I haven't done any curved piecing. I'm looking forward to seeing your completed blocks, because the pencil version looks great.