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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Technology Bytes!

Okay - so I know that's a bad play on words but my frustration level is high & rising, so I am coping with humor.
While I am thrilled to be back online (only down for 2 days)  and I am truly enjoying my blogging experience, I am not happy with compatibility issues between Blogger and Internet Explorer 11.

I can't load, or paste, or even summon from the ether, any pictures into a post.  At. All.
My interim work around temporary solution is no longer working. Keep getting a frozen page or error messages.

I have tried everything but standing on my head, typing backwards while chanting to the Cyber gods.

It is not Blogger's fault. IE11 is not one of their supported browser and they have been good about telling us that it may cause unexpected problems.  I am blaming this on Microsoft's auto update feature that downloads browser updates without an opt out feature. Or a Big Giant UNDO button. If and when I find that button, I will be pressing it, you can count on that!!!

If anyone out there has been having this problem and has a solution or can tell me the whereabouts of the mysterious UNDO button to get back to IE10 - please, please, please send words of wisdom.  It would be greatly appreciated. Especially by my DH, who is afraid the laptop might go sailing through the living room soon.
Thanks for listening to my rant.

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  1. try firefox works for me and i had all of your problems and it's free