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Monday, January 27, 2014

Cinnamon Rolls, Shopping and ...Snow!

Saturday night turned out to be a late night with an early morning wake up crash - courtesy of Zena doing a bit of 'not allowed' exploring. The sound of breaking ceramic about two feet away from my head roused me, both dogs, the DH from the bedroom, and sent the cats flying away in fright - fortunately no one was hurt! After a few more hours of sleep and a slow morning, we were ready to tackle the washer shopping but first...

Any professional shopper (or in other words, any woman with a wallet) knows you don't venture forth into the fray without suitable fortification! YUM!!  

I had done some research, gathered some personal opinions, required some specific options and, of course, budget was a  concern.  Even with all of that, the DH and I went back and forth between a few different models once we determined which store would get our business.

After really really discussing our needs, we determined the best machine for us need to be:
1.  3.9 cu. ft. capacity - large enough for quilts, 108" wide quilt backings measuring several yards long, and comforters;
2.  Energy efficient and as high efficiency as possible, but with a full size traditional agitator;
3.  Top loading; and
4.  Have multiple wash/ rinse options, water level selections and a no extra computerized components.

Our four hour shopping search (5 stores) ended at Home Depot, with the final choice being this GE model - very close to the one we have now, option-wise.

It was on SALE, though towards the high end of our budget.  The real bonus is that it comes with free delivery, basic installation and haul away of the old machine AND 6 month interest free financing!  We opted for stainless steel hoses and the extended 5 year warranty! 

It arrives on Wednesday.  I. Can't. Wait.

We made it home just as the little white flakes from heck started flying about...again.
Can you say 'hunker down'?!

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