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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Second Time Around

What a difference a day can make!

I went back to the beginning and thought through the assembly process for the Royal Cross block.  The conclusion is YES, the trumpet units must be stitched to the corner units before being stitched to the pointy hat pieces. 

Time to make the corner units 

One of these things is not like the others - not sure how that happened.
 and join them to the trumpets.

Now to tackle those curved seams.  My first attempts validated the need to Pin, Pin, Pin and then use one more pin!

It also helps to stitch the seam slowly - it 's easier to follow the line and avoid hitting all those pins with the machine needle.  

The green pieces were cut larger than needed

Make four of these and then join them together.

By the time I got to the fourth block, it was getting better. I got into the rhythm of the pieces.  Kind of ironic as I only have to make five of these blocks.

Here are the first three blocks laid out in order.  They need to have the seams trimmed as the fabric was rough cut after the shape was traced.  A good pressing will get them good and flat.  A center piece will be appliqued on after I figure out which fabric to use.

The day was sunny and bright but cold.  Drake wanted to keep me company and catch some rays so I had a thick comforter folded in fourths to protect him from the cold floor and the space heater was about three feet away from him. 

Loving the sunlight!
Today there are snow flurries and more cold. Between that and the hurt shoulder I got last night, some gentle sewing, challenge design work and resting is on the horizon for me.  The DH is more than willing to help me get around today. Stupid shoulder! Clumsy me!

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